Günter Freudenthaler

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We present a method for simultaneously recording topography images and localizing specific binding sites with nm positional accuracy by combining dynamic force microscopy with single molecule recognition force spectroscopy. For this we used lysozyme adsorbed to mica, the functionality of which was characterized by enzyme immunoassays. The topography and(More)
The determination of pharmacologically relevant constants is crucial in order to understand the effects of compounds interacting with various membrane receptors. In this report we study a venom component of the Central American scorpion Centruroides limbatus, a short peptide termed hongotoxin1 (HgTX1), which specifically binds to the voltage-gated potassium(More)
We report here the development of a device for single-molecule imaging on large surface areas. A CCD camera operated in time delay and integration mode is synchronized with the movement of a sample scanning stage, enabling continuous data acquisition. Experiments on single fluorescent lipid molecules in supported lipid bilayers and on stained living cells(More)
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