Günter Adam

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Brassinosteroids are a new class of plant hormones with a polyoxygenated steroid structure showing pronounced plant growth regulatory activity. This review covers their natural occurrence, biological and chromatographic methods for their detection, biosynthesis and metabolism, biological activity, structure-activity relationships and prospective(More)
The association of Fusarium graminearum isolate China-9 with the dsRNA mycovirus FgV-ch9 was evaluated for hypovirulence-related traits. Single conidia-originating cultures of China-9 isolate can be associated either with high, medium or low amounts of the viral dsRNAs. At high and medium dsRNA levels, China-9 isolates exhibit reduced mycelia growth rate(More)
TMVOhioV was first described 1969 by [1] because it did break resistance of tomato breeding lines containing Tm-1- and Tm-2 resistance genes. It was obtained 1987 from Wetter (Saarbrücken, Germany) and transferred into the DSMZ-Plant Virus Collection (Braunschweig, Germany). A partial sequence of TMVOhioV, the CP gene, has been reported [11] and its(More)
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