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This study introduces original system architecture for the Web based remote experimentation applications for e-learning systems. The speed control of a traveling wave ultrasonic motor (USM) is achieved as a remote experimental study over the Internet to illustrate the architecture. For this reason, a microcontroller based digitally controlled drive system(More)
Among the renewable energy types, wind energy gets popularity in these days. To install a new wind energy turbine, measurement and evaluation of the meteorological data are quite important. In this paper, a novel system is developed for the installation of wind turbines. Firstly, necessary data including the speed and the direction of wind, the solar(More)
Researches done based on basic inverter topologies show that multilevel inverters (MLIs) have many advantages, such as low power dissipation on power switches, low dv/dt ratios, low harmonic and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) outputs. The most common MLI topologies have been studied to define the most appropriate structure for Sinusoidal Pulse Width(More)
In this study, a communication system to send an eight-bits data to the receiver via an energy transmission (power) line was designed and tested. On the transmitter three buttons were used to send three different data to the line. On the receiver side, a buzzer and an LCD screen were used for the voice warning and for indication of the button which a call(More)
In this study, the speed control of the vector controlled induction motor was implemented by using hard switching and soft switching inverters. A TMS320F243 digital signal processor was used to implement control algorithm during practical implementation. With the use of the vector control, complex structure of the controller is simplified, and dependence to(More)
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