Günay Çakir

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Monitoring forest cover change and understanding the dynamic of forest cover is increasingly important in sustainable development and management of forest ecosystems. This paper uses remote sensing (RS) techniques to monitor forest cover change in Maçka State Forest Enterprise (MSFE) located in NE of Turkey through 1975 to 2000 and then analyses spatial and(More)
Understanding the historical dynamics, composition, and environmental disturbances of forest landscapes provides a context for monitoring changes, describing trends, and establishing reference conditions. This study analyses the temporal changes in forest ecosystem structure in Artvin Forest Planning Unit (AFPU), Turkey, during 1972-2002 period based on(More)
Forests make up large ecosystems and can play an important role in mitigating the emissions of CO2, the most important greenhouse gas. However, they are sources of atmospheric carbon when they are disturbed by human or natural causes. Storage of carbon through expansion and adaptive management of forest ecosystems can assist in reducing carbon(More)
This study was carried out in forestland of Camili Biosphere Reserve (CBR) area in NE Turkey. It was designed to evaluate the consequences of disturbances on changes in secondary forest succession from 1985 to 2005 for monitoring forest plant biodiversity changes and developing conservation strategies. The successional stages were mapped using Geographic(More)
Remote sensing has been considered a low-cost, large-area coverage forest information resource ideally suited to broad-scale forest inventory objectives. The objective of this study is to determine stand type parameters such as crown closure, development stage and stand types, and land cover obtained from Landsat 7 ETM image and forest cover type map (stand(More)
In this study, forest cover change and urbanization in the borders of Regional Directorate of Trabzon Forestry (RDTF), which is located in NE of Turkey, was investigated during a 25 year period. Spatial and temporal changes in forest cover were also analyzed using Geographical Information System (GIS) and FRAGSTATS. Forest cover changes were detected from a(More)
We used geographical information system to analyze changes in forest ecosystem functions, structure and composition in a typical department of forest management area consisting of four forest management planning units in Turkey. To assess these effects over a 25 year period we compiled data from three forest management plans that were made in 1986, 2001 and(More)
Natural, protected areas offer many possibilities for recreation in rural areas such as camping, one of the most popular activities. The system established for protected areas in Turkey aims to provide a foundation for conserving areas for recreation. One such area, Abant Natural Park, is convenient for visits from Turkey’s two most populated metropolitan(More)
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