Gültekin Kuyzu

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In the highly fragmented truckload transportation industry a substantial fraction of truck movements involves empty trucks, i.e., involves moves that reposition trucks. However, reducing the amount of truck repositioning is difficult because the need for a carrier to reposition its trucks depends on the interactions between the shippers the carrier is(More)
The interest in collaborative logistics is fuelled by the ever increasing pressure on companies to operate more efficiently, the realization that suppliers, consumers, and even competitors, can be potential collaborative partners in logistics, and the connectivity provided by the Internet. Logistics exchanges or collaborative logistics networks use the(More)
We study simultaneous transportation procurement auctions from a truckload carrier’s perspective. We formulate a stochastic bid price optimization problem with the objective of maximizing a carrier’s expected profit. The formulation takes into account the synergies among the lanes and the competing carriers’ bidding strategies. For solving this stochastic(More)
To my family. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my advisors Dr. Martin Savelsbergh and Dr. ¨ Ozlem Ergun. I was extremely fortunate to work with them. They provided me with the motivation, guidance, and support I needed to complete my Ph.D. studies. I would like to especially thank them for giving me the freedom to choose(More)
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