Güllü Kiziltas

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—This paper presents a framework for multi-criteria design optimization of parallel mechanisms. Pareto methods characterizing the trade-off between multiple design criteria are advocated for multi-criteria optimization over widely used scalarization approaches and Normal Boundary Intersection method is applied to efficiently obtain the Pareto-front(More)
In this paper a novel design procedure based on the integration of full wave Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and a topology design method employing Sequential Linear Programming (SLP) is introduced. The employed design method is the Solid Isotropic Material with Penalization (SIMP) technique formulated as a general non-linear optimization problem. SLP is used(More)
Many military and commercial applications require smaller, lightweight antennas with broad-band and high gain performance. One such application is the UHF SATCOM antenna, which presents a significant advance in providing portable satellite communications technology for uses in the field. Although existing SATCOM antennas provide broad pattern coverage, they(More)
This paper focuses on the design of a Thermo-Photovoltaic filter with band-pass characteristics in the form of a Frequency Selective Surfaces with cascaded inhomogeneous dielectric substrates. Desired performance is achieved via the integration of a topology design methodology known as the density method with robust finite element-boundary integral (FE-BI)(More)
Recent developments in computational electromagnetics have led to algorithms and associated codes which provide for full geometrical adaptability and material generality. The finite element-boundary integral (FE-BI) algorithms have been quite popular primarily due to these attributes. Their integration with fast integral algorithms and solvers such as the(More)