Gülhan Vardar-Ünlü

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Honeybees collect propolis from practically any abundant plant source in the neighborhood of the hive, be it populus, eucalyptus, pine, sugarcane, cashew nut or orange trees. We have described that the origin plants of Turkish propolis are Populus sp., Eucalyptus sp. and Castanea sativa. In our previous study, propolis samples from Middle Anatolia displayed(More)
389 Abstract: Raw milk samples obtained from the Foundation of Milk Industry, three private dairy companies and individual dairy farms in Sivas, were tested for the presence of Listeria species. A total of 100 raw milk samples were analysed by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and two-stage enrichment techniques. Two-stage enrichment procedure was found to(More)
469 Abstract: The production and detection of a mannoprotein adhesin (MPA) of the hyphalform cells of C. albicans on plastic petri dishes was investigated. Using Concanavalin A-coated latex microspheres, the MPA was detected on the plastic surface on which C. albicans produced germ tubes. The adhesin was extracted using dithiothreitol and iodoacetamide. It(More)
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