Gülfem Tuzkaya

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Locating an undesirable facility is a sophisticated problem, for the evaluation procedures involve several objectives and the solution to the problem calls for some compromises to be made between probable conflicting criteria. This paper addresses the problem of undesirable facility location selection using the analytic network process (ANP), a(More)
In this study, an integration of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and a multi-objective possibilistic linear programming (MOPLP) technique is developed to account for all tangible, intangible, quantitative, and qualitative factors which are used to evaluate and select suppliers and to define the optimum order quantities assigned to each. A(More)
The concept of a supply chain exists for over twenty years but partners and configuration selection process still is rather unstructured. In order to increase value in any supply chain, a more comprehensive and integrative approach is required to select the right partners and establish the right configuration along the chain. Under economic growth wrong(More)
The fundamental objective of supply chain management (SCM) is to integrate various suppliers to satisfy market demand. Supplier evaluation and selection is very important for establishing an effective supply chain. As a matter of fact, supplier selection consists of both qualitative and quantitative criteria, so it is considered as a multi criteria decision(More)
Environmental concerns, competition, economic factors, etc. motivates both academicians and practitioners to study on reverse logistics activities. Reverse logistics contains activities such as product returns, recycling, substitution, reuse, disposal, refurbishment, repair and remanufacturing. Product returns constitutes an important portion in total(More)
In this paper, we evaluate key outsourcing factors for selecting convenient suppliers in an electronic sector company. Outsourcing decisions are important strategic decisions and affected by multicriteria. When we evaluate outsourcing problem, we need to collect a group opinion because to know the importance of key factors in considered outsourcing problem(More)