Gülfem Tuzkaya

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In this study, an integration of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and a multi-objective possibilistic linear programming (MOPLP) technique is developed to account for all tangible, intangible, quantitative, and qualitative factors which are used to evaluate and select suppliers and to define the optimum order quantities assigned to each. A(More)
The concept of a supply chain exists for over twenty years but partners and configuration selection process still is rather unstructured. In order to increase value in any supply chain, a more comprehensive and integrative approach is required to select the right partners and establish the right configuration along the chain. Under economic growth wrong(More)
In this paper, facility layout problem is investigated. Since facility layout problems belong to NP-hard problems group, a meta-heuristic, Simulated Annealing is proposed to solve the problem. Simulated Annealing is preferred because of its capability of jumping out of the local optima for global optimization. Also, an application is given to foster the(More)
Constructing a cell is a critical and important element of the cellular manufacturing problem. Generally, part routes are a helpful tool for this constructing process. Not to consider the alternative routes mean to undervalue the better cells. On the other hand, considering them may increase the complexity of the problem. In this study, in the existence of(More)