Güleser K. Demir

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We extend Sandholm's bidtree-based IDA* algorithm for combinatorial auction winner determination to deal with negotiation over tasks with precedence constraints. We evaluate its performance, and show that the order of items in the bidtree has a major impact on performance. Specifically, performance is enhanced if the items with the largest numbers of bids(More)
Identifying liver region from abdominal computed tomography-angiography (CTA) data sets is one of the essential steps in evaluation of transplantation donors prior to the hepatic surgery. However, due to gray level similarity of adjacent organs, injection of contrast media and partial volume effects; robust segmentation of the liver is a very difficult(More)
This paper employs the root locus method to conduct a detailed investigation of the parameter regions that ensure bistability in a well-studied gene regulatory network namely, lac operon of Escherichia coli (E. coli). In contrast to previous works, the parametric bistability conditions observed in this study constitute a complete set of necessary and(More)
We present a solution to the winner determination problem which takes into account not only costs but also risk aversion of the agent that accepts the bids, and which works for auctioning tasks that have time and precedence constraints. We use Expected Utility Theory as the basic mechanism for decision-making. Our theoretical and experimental analysis shows(More)
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