Gülden Ülkümen

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University. The authors contributed equally to this article. The authors thank the two anonymous JMR reviewers for their helpful comments during the review process. The article benefited from discussions with The authors find that exposure to different types of categories or assortments in a task creates a mind-set that changes how consumers process(More)
In one laboratory study and one field study conducted with a large, representative sample of respondents, we show that seemingly innocuous questions that precede a conjoint task, such as demographic and usage-related screening questions can alter the price sensitivities recovered from the main conjoint task. The findings demonstrate that whether these prior(More)
Whereas prior literature has studied the positive effects of curiosity-evoking events that are integral to focal activities, we explore whether and how a curiosity-evoking event that is incidental to a focal activity induces negative outcomes for enjoyment. Four experiments and 1 field study demonstrate that curiosity about an event that is incidental to an(More)
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