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The Golden Horn is a heavily polluted water body in a large metropolitan area with a population of approximately 10 million. A 3-m long undisturbed core sample was collected in the Golden Horn, from research vessel RV Knorr, during the third leg of the joint Turkish--American Black Sea expedition in 1989. The core was sliced and dated using the 210Pb(More)
Powdery scab, caused by the fungusSpongospora subterranea, has developed in the Cappodocia region of Turkey because of changes in agronomic practices, such as excessive irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer use and growth of highly susceptible cultivars. The most suitable irrigation and nitrogen application levels were established to maintain powdery scab at(More)
Passalora blight of anise, caused byPassalora malkoffii (Bubák) U. Braun, is an important disease of anise in Turkey. The disease affects all the aboveground parts of plants including flower clusters. Infected seeds have dark, linear stromata. Detection of the pathogen on seeds was studied by the blotter method, agar method, washing test and sowing infected(More)
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