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In this study, we aimed to clarify the effects of chronically applied static magnetic field (200 Gauss) on specific ATPase activities and bioelectrical and biomechanical responses in isolated rat diaphragm muscle. The mean activities of Na(+)-K+ ATPase and Ca2+ ATPase determined from the diaphragm homogenates were significantly higher in the magnetic field(More)
Experiments were performed to identify the ionic basis of membrane potential changes in the Rana cameranoi egg, from prior to fertilization through the first cleavage. The membrane potential was monitored continuously during this period. Ten per cent Ringer was used as the recording solution in the control group. The effects of Na+ or Ca2+ conductances were(More)
Mice are commonly used animal models in reproductive and developmental research. In order to get satisfying results from such experiments, large numbers of ova must be available and this can be achieved by using various ovulation induction protocols. To obtain an optimal response from these stimulation protocols, parameters such as breeding-housing(More)
AIMS To determine the potential use of a digoxin-immunoreactive substance in the prediction of preeclampsia, to study the relationship between serum levels of this substance and gestational age, and to evaluate the correlation between this substance and blood pressure findings in preeclamptic pregnancies. METHODS Serum digoxin-immunoreactive substance(More)
The apparent change in the egg membrane potential at fertilization gives rise to fertilization potential (FP). FP is the initial, transient electrical block to polyspermy as shown in most species especially those exhibiting external fertilization, and it protects the egg from a second sperm entry until the permanent, mechanical block is set up. Polyspermy(More)
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