Gül Tokdemir

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Designing and understanding of diagrammatic representations is a critical issue for the success of software projects because diagrams in this field provide a collection of related information with various perceptual signs and they help software engineers to understand operational systems at different levels of information system development process. Entity(More)
(2015) "New knowledge in strategic management through visually mining semantic networks", Abstract Today's highly competitive business world requires that managers be able to make fast and accurate strategic decisions, as well as learn to adapt to new strategic challenges. This necessity calls for a deep experience and a dynamic understanding of strategic(More)
Ever since mobile applications were developed and became popular, they have started to take part in almost every field of our lives. Healthcare is one of the most popular fields that mobile applications have become a part of. However, development of mobile healthcare applications requires an interdisciplinary work on which people from different domains(More)
Studies have shown that, while learning different concepts, people sometimes use different approaches. These different approaches define individual learning styles. Understanding learning style differences is thus an important step in improving performance of the individuals and educational institutions. In this study, a learning style assessment tool was(More)
Data mining algorithms have been applied in various fields of medicine to get insights about diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases. This gives rise to more research on personalized medicine as patient data can be utilized to predict outcomes of certain treatment procedures. Accordingly, this study aims to create a model to provide decision support for(More)
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