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Postoperative pain is an important parameter in discharge and rehabilitation in daycase arthroscopic knee surgery. This study compared the efficacy of intraarticular application of lornoxicam, bupivacaine and placebo on postoperative pain after arthroscopic knee surgery. With the approval of the local ethics committee and informed consent of the patients,(More)
Diagnosis and treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) involves neurologists, physiatrists, family physicians, orthopedic surgeons, vascular surgeons, thoracic surgeons, neurosurgeons and sometimes psychiatrists. It is generally accepted that TOS is caused by compression of brachial plexus elements or subclavian vessels in their passage from the cervical(More)
OBJECTIVE We have evaluated and compared the preemptive efficacy of intravenous ketamine with placebo and caudal ropivacaine in pediatric patients going under elective hernia repair. METHODS 60 ASAI-II pediatric patients ages between 1-12. The patients were divided into 3 groups randomly. Group K patients had 0.5mg/kg ketamine by intravenous route before(More)
Low back pain caused by an internally disrupted disc is a universal unresolved problem. Many treatment options have been tried and many are in development, but few have satisfactory long-term results. Although the most often used excuse for inconsistent results is poor patient selection and the lack of objective evaluation parameters, the diagnosis is often(More)
The modern approach to the management of pain involves optimizing all aspects of the process. This includes utilization of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic modalities, consideration of patient characteristics, proper matching of the physiology of the pain with the analgesic's mechanism of action (pharmacodynamics, PD), and the onset and duration of(More)
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