Gül E. Okudan Kremer

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Emergency Department (ED) crowding is a major problem in the U.S. like in many other countries worldwide. This problem is adversely affecting the safety of the patients who rely on receiving a timely treatment in EDs. As a part of solving this problem, a triage process is utilized. Triage is a pre-hospital process by which patients are sorted according to(More)
Keywords: Group decision making Rank aggregation Utility intervals Mathematical programming models Ordered weighted averaging (OWA) operator weights a b s t r a c t This paper seeks to test and to determine a suitable aggregation method to represent a set of rankings made by individual decision makers (DMs). A case study for triage prioritization is used to(More)
A method is introduced to incorporate sustainability considerations in the early design stages, while simultaneously accounting for supply chain factors, such as cost and lead time. Overall, this work is our first step in understanding the trade-offs between sustainability metrics and more traditional supply chain performance metrics (i.e., cost and lead(More)
The benefit of integrating product design decisions and supply chain design decisions has been recognized by researchers. Such integration can facilitate better communication between design teams and operations groups. Consequently , potential supply chain risks can be highlighted and addressed before the launch of a new product. Modular-ization is one of(More)