Gözde Girgin

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To detect aflatoxin (AF) or ochratoxin A (OTA) contamination, 25 retail ground samples of 12 different types of seed-, pulses-, and cereal-flours and starches were randomly collected from markets and traditional bazaars in Ankara, Turkey. The levels of AF in the retail ground samples were determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and(More)
Toxic metals are one of the significant groups of chemical contaminants that humans are exposed to by oral, inhalation, and dermal routes. Exposure to these chemicals begins with intrauterine life and continues during lactation period at the first years of life. Breastfeeding has a much more special place than other nutrition options for infants. However,(More)
Breast feeding is very important in the first year of life. However, breast milk may be contaminated with many residues of xenobiotics and naturally occurring toxins such as mycotoxins. Ochratoxin A (OTA) is one of mycotoxins that may play a causative role in some diseases seen in neonates. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to determine OTA levels(More)
Aflatoxins (AFs) are important risks for human health due to their widespread presence in foods and environment. However, contamination risk of breast milk with different pollutants including AFs is high in today's life conditions. Since breast milk is a major nutrient for infants, feeding of infants with safe milk is essential. Therefore, the objective of(More)
BACKGROUND The present study aimed to investigate the occurrence of multiple toxic fungal and bacterial metabolites in 156 animal feed (n = 77) and maize (n = 79) samples collected from three regions in Upper Egypt. The target analytes were quantified using the 'dilute and shoot' approach, followed by a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry(More)
Workers in denim sandblasting are at a high risk of developing silicosis, an occupational lung disease caused by inhaling crystalline silica dust. The development and progress of silicosis is associated with the activation of the immune system and oxidative stress. In the former, interferon-gamma induces both neopterin release and the enzyme indoleamine [2,(More)
PURPOSE Uveitis is an intraocular inflammation affecting the highly vascularized uveal tissue. Early recognition and appropriate therapeutic intervention of uveitis are important since the condition may be associated with systemic disease and untreated uveitis may lead to blindness. Neopterin, an unconjugated pteridine, is an important biomarker of(More)
Hot-dip galvanization is a zinc-coating process to protect the metal items from corrosion. Zinc oxide nanoaerosol fume rising from hot metal bath surface in nano dimensions contains the greatest risk for workers in galvanization process. In the present study, it was evaluated whether inhalation of zinc causes any alteration in cellular immunity and(More)
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