Götz Lichtwald

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— This paper 1 presents an approach to improve inter-domain connectivity in the Internet. This novel concept deploys inter-domain routing functions on two different time scales. The innovative Fast Scoped Rerouting approach operates on a fine granular time scale while regular BGP is used on a coarse granular time scale. The overall concept intends to(More)
— One of the main design goals of the Internet is robustness against failures. Normally, this is accomplished by redundancy and dynamic routing protocols that automatically adapt to failures: If a link is unavailable, data packets can generally be sent via alternative paths. An essential requirement for this is a fast mechanism for failure detection, since(More)
Future mobile networks will offer a great variety of multimedia services. DiffServ is the promising framework standardized by the IETF to enhance the Internet with the essential quality of service. Unfortunately, transaction-oriented applications— the most popular class of applications—are not sufficiently supported yet. Quick Forwarding (QF) has been(More)
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