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Increased acquisition efficiency has been achieved by exciting several slices simultaneously. The mixed data were unfolded to produce separate slices using the spatial encoding information inherent in a multicoil receiver system. Each coil yields a linear combination of signals from all excited slices weighted by the sensitivity of each coil. A matrix(More)
A volumetric sonication method is proposed that produces volume ablations by steering the focal point along a predetermined trajectory consisting of multiple concentric outward-moving circles. This method was tested in vivo on pig thigh muscle (32 ablations in nine animals). Trajectory diameters were 4, 12, and 16 mm with sonication duration depending on(More)
Performing interventional procedures in the close proximity to an MR scanner widens the range of operations available for an optical tracking system. In order to gain the full benefits from both unrestricted use of surgical instruments outside the magnet and intraoperative imaging, a method for transferring the registration data of the optical navigator(More)
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