Görkem Kilinç

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Whereas the traditional liveness property for Petri nets guarantees that each transition can always occur again, observable liveness requires that, from any reachable marking, each observable transition can be forced to fire by choosing appropriate controllable transitions; hence it is defined for Petri nets with distinguished observable and control-lable(More)
In distributed systems, it is often important that a user is not able to infer if a given action has been performed by another component , while still being able to interact with that component. This kind of problems has been studied with the help of a notion of " interference " in formal models of concurrent systems (e.g. CCS, Petri nets). Here, we propose(More)
We present a Petri net model of a protocol for the distributed generation of id-based private keys. Those keys can then be used for secure communications. The components of the system are built as refinements of a common interface, by applying a formal operation based on a class of morphisms between Elementary Net Systems. It is then shown that we can(More)
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