Göran Tidebrant

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This prospective, randomized trial compared healing characteristics of the Achilles tendon after surgical and nonsurgical treatment for complete rupture of the Achilles tendon. Fifty-eight patients were examined by ultrasonography after 6, 12, and 24 months and by magnetic resonance imaging after 12 months. A standardized protocol was used, and the outcome(More)
In an open study of unresectable liver tumours, isolated regional perfusion with hyperthermia and cytotoxic drugs has been tested in 29 patients. Four patients had primary hepatocellular cancer, 10 patients had metastases from malignant melanoma, remaining from breast cancer, colorectal cancer, midgut carcinoids and miscellaneous primaries. At laparotomy(More)
The Kensey dynamic angioplasty catheter is an instrument for mechanical intravascular atherectomy using a rotating cam to recanalize occluded arteries. Twelve dynamic angioplasties were performed in 11 patients. The procedure was followed by an additional balloon dilatation in all cases. A technical success, i.e., a restored lumen, was recorded in 7(More)
BACKGROUND Regional therapy for colorectal liver metastases aimed at prolonging survival has not been tested fully in a randomized trial with untreated control subjects. This study explored the efficacy of temporary hepatic artery occlusion followed by intraportal infusion of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and oral allopurinol as biochemical modulators in prolonging(More)
Computed tomography (CT) of the liver was performed in 53 patients before, during and 4 to 6 hours after intravenous administration of approximately 60 g of iodine in metrizoate. At delayed CT, contrast medium was observed in the extrabiliary ducts in 20 patients (38%) and in the gallbladder in 28 (68%) of the 41 patients with no previous cholecystectomy.(More)
The main hepatic veins run obliquely into the inferior caval vein. They are often poorly demonstrated on conventional axial computed tomography (CT) performed with a vertical gantry. In order to determine whether CT with caudal tilting of the gantry could improve demonstration of the hepatic veins, 30 consecutive patients of whom 20 had focal lesions in the(More)
Non-enhanced, bolus contrast medium enhanced and 4 to 6 hours delayed computed tomography of the liver was performed in a prospective study of 53 patients. Forty patients had focal lesions, in 12 of these they were hypervascular. Contrast medium was administered as an initial bolus followed by a rapid injection of meglumine metrizoate (Isopaque Cerebral).(More)
One hundred and seven patients with an acute or chronic pelveoureteral obstruction were initially treated with a percutaneous nephrostomy. In 65/107 (61%) patients the obstruction was associated with a malignant disease while in 42/107 (39%) patients the cause of obstruction was benign, mostly an impacted ureteral stone. The effect of the nephrostomy on the(More)
Preoperative radiologic examinations were reviewed in 110 patients planned for liver resection. Forty-five patients had a CT examination within a month before the operation; 22 of these also had ultrasonography (US) and 38 had angiography. In a numeric analysis of lesions, true positive findings were observed at CT and US in 69 per cent and 61 per cent,(More)