Göran Kenttä

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Acknowledgements I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all who have contributed to the accomplishments of this thesis in various ways. First and foremost, my supervisors and co-authors Bo Melin and Ulf Lundberg, for introducing me to the field of stress research, professional guidance, various forms of support, encouragement, constructive(More)
3 This study investigated how the experiences of two elite coaches' contributed to and shaped 4 their stories of burnout and withdrawal from high performance coaching. The coaches whose 5 narratives we explore were both middle-aged head coaches, one in a major team sport at the 6 highest club level, and one in an individual Olympic sport at international(More)
Subjectively assessed endurance time (ET), resumption time (RT) and perceived discomfort, pain or fatigue (PD), and objectively measured maximum force-exerting capacity were investigated for varying loads and durations of a pushing task with two repeated trials. Beyond the main results quantifying how the load scenario affected ET, RT and PD, three(More)
This study extends recent coach stress research by evaluating how coaches perceive their stress experiences to affect athletes, and the broader coach-athlete relationship. A total of 12 coaches working across a range of team sports at the elite level took part in semi-structured interviews to investigate the 3 study aims: how they perceive athletes to(More)
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