Göran Holmberg

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Using critical flicker fusion (CFF) determination and estimation of drowsiness in eight healthy volunteers the sedative-hypnotic effects of diazepam and mitrazepam were studied. Three dose levels of each drug were used, so that dose-effect curves could be produced. The most reliable results were obtained with the CFF method, and significant dose-effect(More)
One hundred and fifty-six patients with simple renal cysts had either a percutaneous puncture alone, percutaneous puncture combined with bismuth-phosphate instillation or no intervention at all. At follow-up, 25% of the cysts in which there was no intervention had grown and the mean size showed a slight increase. Ten per cent of the cysts which were only(More)
The aim of this study is to provide karyometric data which may be of value in the grading of urinary bladder tumours. For this purpose 27 biopsies were studied: four from normal bladder mucosae, eleven from grade I tumours, six from grade II tumours and another six from grade III tumours, according to a I–IV scale. After standardized fixation and plastic(More)
Perforation of the small bowel during SWL is reported for the first time. The patient was treated in the prone position for a ureteral stone with 4500 shockwaves. There were no underlying or predisposing factors for the damage to the gut with the exception of the large number of shockwaves at a high energy setting. It is concluded that SWL in the prone(More)
A set of simple guidelines for metabolic evaluation and medical/dietary management of patients with urolithiasis is presented. The evaluation scheme is based on the documented risk factors in the Nordic area and the results of controlled clinical trials, and takes its basis in the severity of the stone disease in the individual stone patient. The initial(More)
We report a case of renal cell carcinoma within a simple renal cyst in the lower pole of the right kidney. Excretory urography showed a mass and ultrasonography revealed multiple renal cysts with a solid component arising from the wall in 1. This finding also was visualized by computerized tomography. Analysis of the cystic fluid showed a high cholesterol(More)
Additional renal masses were found in the same or contralateral kidney in 41 of 131 patients with renal cell carcinoma. In 35 of the patients the additional renal masses were simple renal cysts situated in the kidney contralateral to the renal cell carcinoma in 16 patients, in the same kidney in 11 and bilaterally in 8 patients. Four patients had bilateral(More)
The reliability of radiologic diagnosis was studied in 99 patients undergoing ultrasonography, computerized tomography and angiography in work up of renal mass lesions. The diagnoses were confirmed by angiography combined with percutaneous puncture or by surgery. Of the lesions, 37 were simple renal cysts and 56 were renal cell carcinomas. Eighty-eight(More)