Göran Hartman

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When a habitat becomes fragmented and surrounded by another habitat this generally causes an increase in predation pressure at habitat transitions, often referred to as an edge effect. Edge effect in the form of enhanced nest predation intensities is one of the most cited explanations for bird population declines in fragmented landscapes. Here, we report(More)
A previously uncharacterized human B-lymphocyte antigen has been detected by rabbit antisera raised to papain digests of spleen cell membranes. The unabsorbed sera reacted in both cytotoxicity and immunofluorescent tests with normal B lymphocytes and cultured B-cell lines but not with normal T lymphocytes or cultured T-cell lines. The cytotoxicity titers(More)
«Spreading depression» im Corpus Striatum kurarisierter Ratten beeinflusst weder spontane EEG noch die visuelle Reizantwort in der Hirnrinde; jedoch kommt es zu einer ungefähr 1 min andauernden, erheblichen Erniedrigung der kortikalen Primärantwort auf somatosensorische Reize. Die Resultate deuten darauf hin, dass die Faserbündel in der Capsula Interna, die(More)
125I-labeled albumin or poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) encapsulated in intermediate size multilamellar or unilamellar liposomes with 30-40% of cholesterol were injected intravenously into rats. In other experiments liposomes containing phosphatidyl[Me-14C]choline was injected. 1 h after injection parenchymal or non-parenchymal cells were isolated. Non-parenchymal(More)
1. Because of the low concentration of cytochrome P-450 in avocado fruit, microsomal fractions were prepared using polyethylene glycol aggregation and low-speed centrifugation, thus avoiding the need for high-speed centrifugation of large volumes of post-mitochondrial supernatant. Recoveries of cytochrome P-450 by this means (0.29 nmol/g tissue) were(More)
Elevated concentrations of methylmercury (MeHg) in freshwater ecosystems are of major environmental concern in large parts of the northern hemisphere. Beaver ponds have been identified as a potentially important source of MeHg. The role of beavers might be especially pronounced in large parts of Europe, where beaver populations have expanded rapidly(More)
As many seaduck populations around the world have been reported to be in decline, there is an increasing demand for knowledge about intrinsic and extrinsic factors determining population dynamics of these species. In this study, we analyzed long-term dynamics of the summer population of Velvet Scoters (Melanitta fusca) breeding in the Åland archipelago in(More)