Göran Goldkuhl

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The communicative action perspective of business processes and information systems has attracted much attention recently. A viable approach in this area is: Action Workflow. This paper investigates the use of Action Workflow as a generic business framework, relating it to the alternative Business as Action game Theory. The latter provides a more exhaustive(More)
In what way is a public e-service a service to citizens? This question has driven a practical inquiry into a planned e-service application for municipal child care. A requirements specification for an e-service application was investigated. The e-service application was found to lack proper information about child care supply options, and rules and(More)
The nature of the relationship between information technology (IT) and organizations has been a long-standing debate in the Information Systems literature. Does IT shape organizations, or do people in organisations control how IT is used? To formulate the question a little differently: does agency (the capacity to make a difference) lie predominantly with(More)
When developing information systems business modelling is needed in order to highlight the essentials of businesses. Patterns of inter-related speech acts are the basis for identifying essentials in Language/Action-oriented approaches for business modelling. Weigand et al. has made an attempt to conceptualise the notion of patterns in a layered architecture(More)
When evaluating and developing organisations, the business process perspective is a popular one to use. Several methods exist and there are new ones being developed. When evaluating and/or developing organisations from a business process perspective, there is a need to reconstruct existing business processes. We have experienced problems in distinguishing(More)