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The development of e-interactions (IT supported business interaction) need to be facilitated by comprehensive frameworks for business interaction. Existing frameworks cover fragments of the important constituents of business interaction. Based on a review of existing frameworks a more comprehensive one is presented in this paper. This comprehensive(More)
There is rapid growth in the development and launching of new public e-services to citizens. In doing this, government agencies base their work on national and international programs for e-government development. Many such programs include a stage model for public e-services. Many such models comprise stages of 1) information, 2) interaction, 3) transaction(More)
In this paper, we argue for the need to thoroughly understand business-to-business (B2B) interaction when designing inter-organisational systems (IOS). This understanding is critical since an IOS both has influence on and is influenced by existing business logic. As a means to reach such understanding we propose a phase model for business interaction,(More)