Göran Frenning

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The purpose of the research was to introduce a procedure to derive a powder compression parameter (EM A) representing particle yield stress using an effective medium equation and to compare the EM A parameter with the Heckel compression parameter (1/K). 16 pharmaceutical powders, including drugs and excipients, were compressed in a materials testing(More)
When the discrete element method (DEM) is used to simulate confined compression of granular materials, the need arises to estimate the void space surrounding each particle with Voronoi polyhedra. This entails recurring Voronoi tessellation with small changes in the geometry, resulting in a considerable computational overhead. To overcome this limitation, we(More)
Flowability - as measured by hopper discharge rate, angle of repose and Carr's index (CI) - of surface modified microcrystalline cellulose granules was investigated experimentally. Three-dimensional simulations of the granule flow were performed, using the discrete element method (DEM), including either sliding and rolling friction or sliding friction and(More)
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