Göran Broman

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In this study, cooperation between Stockholm’s transport and district heating sectors is analysed. The cooperation concerns the integration of biofuel polygeneration production. A MODEST optimisation model framework is used, assuming various energy market and transport sector scenarios for the year 2030. The scenarios with biofuel production and increased(More)
Modern manufacturing machines are highly multidisciplinary, and with demands on short time-to-market, product development based on traditional prototype testing has become impractical. By using virtual models, it is possible to test large numbers of variants and optimise the product with the aid of a minimum of physical prototypes. Due to the immense(More)
Recently, an approach for global sustainability, the planetary-boundary approach (PBA), has been proposed, which combines the concept of tipping points with global-scale sustainability indicators. The PBA could represent a significant step forward in monitoring and managing known and suspected global sustainability criteria. However, as the authors of the(More)
To facilitate overall lay-out optimisation inexpensive dynamics simulation of automobile exhaust systems is desired. Identification of possible non-linearity as well as finding simplified component models is then important. A flexible joint is used between the manifold and the catalyst to allow for the motion of the engine and to reduce the transmission of(More)
To facilitate overall lay-out optimisation simplified component models for dynamics simulations of automobile exhaust systems are desired. Such optimisation could otherwise be computationally expensive, especially when non-linear analyses are necessary. Suggestions of simplified models of the mufflers and the catalyst are given. To account for the(More)
Arguably, sustainability is the most complex challenge humanity has faced to date. Not only are the impacts of our behavior resulting in more and more sever repercussions, but we are also realizing that the causes of unsustainability are deeply embedded in the design of many of the systems we rely on. This means, of course, also, that solutions to the(More)
Interest in food systems sustainability is growing, but progress toward them is slow. This research focuses on three interrelated challenges that hinder progress. First, prevailing visions lack a concrete definition of sustainability. Second, global level conceptions fail to guide responses at the local level. Third, these deficiencies may lead to(More)
There is no such thing as a “sustainable” or “harmless” substance, material, product or service. From a sustainability perspective, the characteristics of practices must be evaluated in relation to the full social, ecological and economic impacts throughout the whole life cycle. Sustainable management of materials, products and services follows from the(More)