Göran Abbestam

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Handling and locating pallet system is one of the most important subsystems in a flexible production plant. The impact of pallet systems parameters on process and energy efficiency of production plants has been verified and examined by a number of studies in the literature. In this paper, introducing novel design constraints for pallets and buffers, a new(More)
In a cyclic manufacturing system, the number of pallets in a handling and locating pallet system (HLPS) can have a huge effect on the production cycle time. The complexity of calculating the optimal number of pallets that satisfies the minimal cycle time poses a challenging design problem. In this paper the optimal solution is presented for deterministic(More)
Reduction of energy consumed by a manufacturing system to turn raw parts to finished products is a big step towards the green and lean production. In this study the energy efficiency of a one-loop pallet system, a main tool to handle and locate various part types in a cyclic production line, is investigated. The main goal is to obtain the minimal energy(More)
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