Göran A Westman

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AIMS To explore the stability of sense of coherence (SOC) over time in a normal population and to examine its relation to gender and psychosocial factors. METHODS The Northern Sweden MONICA Project population surveys were performed in 1994 and 1999. A cohort of 1,254 subjects participating in both surveys answered questions about experiences of disease,(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine selection bias in social and health factors in a community intervention programme for the prevention of cardiovascular disease by comparing programme data with both census data and a random sample of the same population. DESIGN Cross sectional studies. SETTING All 35 primary health care centres in Västerbotten County, Sweden. (More)
The increase in qualitative research in family medicine raises a demand for critical discussions about design, methods and conclusions. This article shows how scientific claims for truthful findings and neutrality can be assessed. Established concepts such as validity, reliability, objectivity and generalization cannot be used in qualitative research.(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the long term psychological impact on women who were recalled for further investigation after mammography screening and to find any factors that might predict coping ability in order to identify those subjects who require additional support at an earlier stage. SETTING Counties of Västerbotten and Västernorrland, Sweden. METHODS A(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate "Sense of Coherence" (SOC) and its relation to perceived health, different stages of disease, and different psychosocial factors in a population-based study. DESIGN Postal survey of a population-based sample, the MONICA study (1994). SETTING Norrbotten and Västerbotten, the two northernmost counties in Sweden, with a total(More)
The content of childbirth-related fear as described by 308 women and 194 men was analyzed and compared in relation to intensity of fear. The content of fear was similarly described by women and men and concerned the following main categories: the labor and delivery process, the health and life of the baby, the health and life of the woman, own capabilities(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of a systematic risk factor screening and counselling carried out by family physicians and family nurses within the larger framework of a community intervention programme for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). DESIGN Quasi-experimental study comparing trends in an intervention area with those in a(More)
BACKGROUND Gender issues are important to address during medical education, however research about the implementation of gender in medical curricula reports that there are obstacles. The aim of this study was to explore physician teachers' attitudes to gender issues. METHODS As part of a questionnaire, physician teachers at Umeå University in Sweden were(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe how oral anticoagulant therapy is performed in a defined catchment area in order to improve the quality of care. DESIGN Two study periods of 8 weeks were compared with reference to monitoring sites, i.e. hospital departments and primary health care centres. SETTING The health care district of Umeå in northern Sweden, with 125,300(More)
Microscopy of wet-stained urinary sediment as an indicator of bacteriuria was evaluated in 418 consecutive primary care visits in a small community. Delivery of morning urine was encouraged and contributed to bladder incubation times of 4 or more hours in 79% of the visits; the overall culture positivity was about 80%. Bacteria or leukocytes alone or(More)