Gönül Cömertpay

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Landraces of maize represent a valuable genetic resource for breeding and genetic studies. Since 1970, landraces have been collected from all over Turkey, but the genetic diversity represented in this collection is still largely unknown. In this study, a sample of 98 landraces sampled from 45 provinces of Turkey was assessed genotypically at 28 simple(More)
The salt stress tolerance of 19 hybrid maize (Zea mays L.) varieties was tested in nutrient solution during the early growth stage under controlled environmental conditions. For the salt stress treatment, sodium chloride (NaCl) was applied to nutrient solution at a concentration of 250 mM for 6 days before the harvest. Plants were harvested after 17 days of(More)
Effective breeding programs based on genetic diversity are needed to broaden the genetic basis of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Turkey. In this study, 81 commercial varieties from seven countries were studied in order to estimate the genomic relationships among them using nine inter-primer binding site (iPBS)-retrotransposon and 17 simple-sequence repeat (SSR)(More)
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