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This paper presents a 3D face recognition method. In this method, 3D Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is used to extract features. Before the feature extraction, faces are aligned with respect to nose tip and then registered two times: according to average nose and average face. Then the coefficients of 3D transformation are calculated. The most(More)
In this study, we investigate the use of a 3D discrete cosine transform (DCT) for 3D face recognition and present a novel 3D DCT-based feature extraction method with the selection of discriminating coefficients. We apply a 3D DCT on the voxel data, and use transform coefficients as features. Then the most discriminating 3D transform coefficients are(More)
The need to increase security in open or public spaces has in turn given rise to the requirement to monitor these spaces and analyse those images on‐site and on‐time. At this point, the use of smart cameras ‐ of which the popularity has been increasing ‐ is one step ahead. With sensors and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), smart cameras generate ad hoc(More)
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