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The views expressed in this paper are solely the authors' and do not reflect those of the institutions they are affiliated with. ABSTRACT Macroeconomic policies have many goals like low inflation, high economic growth, balance of payment equilibrium etc. Since the monetary policy has more flexible framework and exerts its effect with long and variable lags,(More)
The transportation planning phases are generally examined in three groups, according to their contents, constant and variable factors, time dimensions, financial costs and decision-making levels: Strategic, tactical and operational levels. Network design and development, terminal capacity and location determination , marketplace selection and vessel fleet(More)
We present performance evaluation of two low level implementations of the RSEP protocol. The implementations are realized both in Java and C++ languages, while the test and evaluations are performed on two different CPU architectures, ARM and Intel®. RSEP [21] is a security evaluation protocol used to assess security of remote systems over open and(More)
In planning of the water structures, it is need some information about flow values. The identification of suitable generation models for future streamflows is an important precondition for successful planning and management of water resources, operation of flood control reservoirs, determination of flow potential in stream, forecasting of electric(More)
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