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In the diagnosis of preinvasive breast cancer, some of the intraductal proliferations pose a special challenge. The continuum of intraductal breast lesions includes the usual ductal hyperplasia (UDH), atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH), and ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The current standard of care is to perform percutaneous needle biopsies for diagnosis(More)
—This paper presents an unsupervised hyperspectral image segmentation with a new subtractive-clustering-based similarity segmentation and a novel cluster validation method using one-class support vector (SV) machine (OC-SVM). An estimation of the correct number of clusters is an important task in hyperspectral image segmentation. The proposed cluster(More)
In this work, classification of cellular structures in the high resolutional histopathological images and the discrimination of cellular and non-cellular structures have been investigated. The cell classification is a very exhaustive and time-consuming process for pathologists in medicine. The development of digital imaging in histopathology has enabled the(More)
In this work, cellular mitosis detection in histopathological images has been investigated. Mitosis detection is very expensive and time consuming process. Development of digital imaging in pathology has enabled reasonable and effective solution to this problem. Segmentation of digital images provides easier analysis of cell structures in histopathological(More)
In this work, segmentation of cellular structures in the high resolutional histopathological images and possibility of the discrimination within normal and mitotic cells has been investigated. Mitosis detection is very exhaustive and time consuming process. In the first step, features of cells which have been found by the clustering algorithm have been(More)
Doctorate thesis is 'Unsupervised Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images'. Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging technology in remote sensing, which has the advantage of using hundreds of spectral bands (each band is an image). Hyperspectral imaging has found many applications in civil and military fields, such as remote sensing, geology, medicine, chemistry,(More)