Gökçe I. Yayla

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We model and compare on-chip (up to wafer scale) and off-chip(multichip module) high-speed electrical interconnections withfree-space optical interconnections in terms of speed performance andenergy requirements for digital transmission in large-scalesystems. For all technologies the interconnections are firstmodeled and optimized for minimum delay as(More)
In order to achieve high performance parallel computing in terms of bandwidth versus power consumption and volume, denser and faster means of implementing interconnections while minimizing power and crosstalk are required. Global interconnections can be implemented using free-space interconnect technology and can be coupled to 3-D electronic processing(More)
The design of a scalable, fully connected 3-D optoelectronic neural system that uses free-space optical interconnects with silicon-VLSI-based hybrid optoelectronic circuits is proposed. The system design uses a hardware-efficient combination of pulsewidth-modulating optoelectronic neurons and pulse-amplitude-modulating electronic synapses. Low-area,(More)
We describe a high-performance associative-memory system that can be implemented by means of an optical disk modified for parallel readout and a custom-designed silicon integrated circuit with parallel optical input. The system can achieve associative recall on 128 × 128 bit images and also on variable-size subimages. The system's behavior and performance(More)
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