Gökçe Cihan

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In the title mol-ecule, C(23)H(18)FN(3)O(2), the mean plane of the indole system forms dihedral angles of 44.23 (8) and 14.54 (7)°, respectively, with the phenyl and benzene rings. In the crystal, inter-molecular N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds link mol-ecules into two-layer ribbons extended along the b axis. The crystal packing also exhibits weak inter-molecular(More)
In the title compound, C(21)H(17)FN(4)O(2)S, the planar indole fused-ring [maximum deviation 0.009 (1) Å] makes dihedral angles of 54.75 (9) and 14.90 (9)°, respectively, with the phenyl ring and the dihydro-thia-zolyl ring. The -CH2CH=CH(2) substituent is disordered over two positions in a 0.51 (1):0.49 (1) ratio. An intra-molecular N-H⋯S hydrogen bond(More)
In the title compound, C(15)H(14)N(4)O(3)S(2), the hydr-oxy group is disordered over two positions with occupancies of 0.619 (5) and 0.381 (5). The benzene ring attached to the heterocycle makes a dihedral angle of 86.92 (9)° with respect to the best plane through the five-membered ring. The crystal packing is stabilized by inter-molecular O-H⋯O, N-H⋯S,(More)
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