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We present two approaches for automatically segmenting the spinal cord/canal from native CT images of the thorax region containing the spine. Different strategies are included to handle images where only part of the spinal column is visible. The algorithms require one seed point given on a slice located in the middle region of the spine, and the rest is(More)
There are several programs for studying dynamical systems, but none of them is very useful for investigating basins and attractors of higher dimensional systems. Our goal in this paper is to show a new algorithm for finding even chaotic attractors and their basins for these systems. We present an implementation and examples for the use of this program.
Sufficient conditions for uniform equi-asymptotic stability and uniform asymptotic stability of the zero solution of the retarded equation x′(t) = f (t, xt), (xt(s) := x(t + s), −h ≤ s ≤ 0) are given. In the stability theory of non-autonomous differential equations a result is of Marachkov type if it contains some kind of boundedness or growth condition on(More)
Pooled faecal samples and/or intestinal contents from pig carcasses were collected from 11 Hungarian swine farms and subjected to DNA extraction/ purification and subsequent polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in order to detect Lawsonia intracellularis, the aetiological agent of the porcine proliferative enteropathy complex. Specific PCR positivity was(More)
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