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—For lack of empty radio bands, ultra-wideband (UWB) radio that allows the reuse of already occupied frequency bands is the only solution to accommodate new wireless data communication services. The recovery of the very short and extremely wideband wavelets used in UWB radio is not feasible. This is why noncoherent demodulation techniques have to be used.(More)
In digital communications, fixed, chaotic, and random waveforms are used. Although the theory of fixed waveform communications is well established, its generalization to include chaotic and random carriers has not yet been carried out. The lack of an exact model prevents the optimization of chaotic and random communication systems. Introducing the Fourier(More)
—Both the peak power and the average power of emission are limited in UWB systems in order to keep the interference caused in an already existing narrowband radio system low enough. It is frequently overlooked that these power limits have to be checked not over the transmitted UWB signal but at the output of a bandpass filter specified in the FCC(More)
— In a digital communications system, data is transmitted from one location to another by mapping bit sequences to symbols, and symbols to sample functions of analog waveforms. The analog waveform passes through a bandlimited (possibly time-varying) analog channel, where the signal is distorted and noise is added. In a conventional system the analog sample(More)
A new detector configuration is proposed for the detection of FM-DCSK signals with improved noise performance. Since the new detector configuration is developed directly from the chaotic GML decision rule, it offers the best noise performance in AWGN channel in the category of nonco-herent detection if the reception of a single isolated symbol and(More)
Multipath performance is an important consideration for chaos-based communication systems. In this letter, the performance of the FM-DCSK communication system over multipath fading channels is evaluated by computer simulations. Both Rayleigh fading and Ricean fading are considered, and the low-pass equivalent model of the FM-DCSK system is used in the(More)