Géza Harsányi

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A central problem of face identification is forming stable representations from entities that vary--both in a rigid and nonrigid manner--over time, under different viewing conditions, and with altering appearances. Three experiments investigated the underlying mechanism that is more flexible than has often been supposed. The experiments used highly familiar(More)
We investigated whether art is distinguished from other real world objects in human cognition, in that art allows for a special memorial representation and identification based on artists' specific stylistic appearances. Testing art-experienced viewers, converging empirical evidence from three experiments, which have proved sensitive to addressing the(More)
In research on racial categorization we tend to focus on socialization, on environmental influences, and on social factors. One important factor, though, is perception itself In our experiment we let people label persons on dimensions which they could freely use. The participants were initially exposed to a full series either of black faces or of white(More)
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