Géraud Canet

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We demonstrate the value analysis of Frama-C. FramaC is an Open Source static analysis framework for the C language. In Frama-C, each static analysis technique, approach or idea can be implemented as a new plug-in, with the opportunity to obtain information from other plug-ins, and to leave the verification of difficult properties to yet other plug-ins. The(More)
This experience report describes the choice of OCaml as the implementation language for Frama-C, a framework for the static analysis of C programs. OCaml became the implementation language for Frama-C because it is expressive. Most of the reasons listed in the remaining of this article are secondary reasons, features which are not specific to OCaml(More)
In the power generation industry, digital control systems may play an important role in plant safety. Thus, these systems are the object of rigorous analyzes and safety assessments. In particular, the quality, correctness and dependability of control systems software need to be justified. This paper reports on the development of a tool-based methodology to(More)
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