Gérard Sabah

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In this paper we present a general natural language processing system called CARAMEL (in French : Comprdhension Automatique de R~cits, Apprentissage et Moddlisation des E:changes Langagiers)o Over the last few years our group has developed many pro~ams to deal with differem: aspects of natural language processing: This paper describes a general(More)
A model for reference use in communication is proposed, from a representationist point of view. Both the sender and the receiver of a message handle representations of their common environment, including mental representations of objects. Reference resolution by a computer is viewed as the construction of object representations using referring expressions(More)
ABSIPACT This paper describes an implemented tutoring system (2), designed to help students to generate clitic-constmctions in French. While showing various ways of converting a given meaning structure into its corresponding surface expression, tbe system helps not only to discover what data to process but also h~_~ this information processing should(More)
In the dialogue part of our system, we have tried to increase the user's possibilities to criticize the machine's results flfd require explanations of them. The system must then provide a clear justification : either by furnishing the chain of reasoning or by asking a "good question" when it failed. The system must also be able to engage in a real dialogue,(More)
Blackboards allow various knowledge sources to be triggered in an opportunistic way, but does not allow higher modules to feedback information to lower level modules. The solution presented here remedies this shortcoming, since our Sketchboard implements reactive feedback loops. Within the Sketchboard, modules are considered from two points of view: either(More)