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1. Effects of ingestion and topical application of 1.30 ppm methoprene, an insect juvenile hormone (JH) mimic, include gametogenesis disorders in both male and female mud-crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii. 2. Progressive inhibition of vitellogenesis and stimulation of spermatogenesis take place after a short exposure time (12-15 days), whereas a longer period(More)
Implantation of Crayfish testes in sexual rest into females leads to a new onset of spermatogenetic activity characterized by a precocious appearance of spermatocytes. However, these cells degenerate: their evolution never goes further than the pachytene stage of meiosis prophase. Abortive prophases appear continuously; this also takes place in acini which(More)
The decomposition of a human cadaver was stopped after solidification of putrefactive liquid during a GIS Burial experiment. Knowledge of this phenomenon is necessary to optimize burial conditions and to decrease cemetery congestion. In this preliminary study, we devised a method using thin-layer chromatography and gas chromatography to compare different(More)