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Lead-rich solid industrial wastes were vitrified by the addition of glass formers in various concentrations, to produce non-toxic vitreous stabilized products that can be freely disposed or used as construction materials. Toxicity of both the as-received industrial solid waste and the stabilized products was determined using standard leaching test(More)
The barrier thickness effect on the energy and microstructure properties of InGaN/GaN multiple quantumwells is investigated with Stillinger–Weber potential. The calculation indicates that the energy of a quantum well increases as the GaN barrier thickness rises, and that Ga–N and In–N bonds are shrunk with respect to those of random InGaN alloy. Moreover, a(More)
2014 Grain boundaries cut from polycrystalline solar cells were investigated by E.B.I.C. mode. Only the exact mirror twin 03A33 shows no electrical activity. In order to explain the two types of behaviour of the twin 03A39, the segregation of impurities must be taken into account. The other boundary planes analyzed are either symmetric with a deviation from(More)
A description of grain boundaries in a Sic based on coincidence orientations is proposed for the two 4H and 6H polytypes and grain boundaries between two different polytypes. The lists of coincidence orientations established for the different cases are compared to experimental orientations performed in different Sic materials. A deviation from the(More)
Electronic properties of cobalt doped silicon bicrystals have been investigated by a modified deep level transient spectroscopy using the capacitance of the charged grain boundary. The geometric characteristics are Z 25, 16"26 <001>, grain boundary plane {710) and a doping of 3.6 1014 phosphorus at~m.cm-~. Cobalt diffusion times (15, 30 and 60 mn) are(More)
High quality Cadmium Sulphide thin films were grown on directly heated substrates of commercial glass by means of Modified Chemical Bath Deposition. Structural and optical properties of the obtained films were achieved. The impact of heat treatment in air at 450°C for one hour reveals the apparition of nano films of Cadmium Oxide on the surface of these(More)
Investigation of copper precipitates has been carried out in a Z25 silicon bicrystal by transmission electron microscopy. Orientated precipitation occurs after high temperature annealing and fast cooling. Extra spots can be indexed using the lattice of ?*-CuSi phase, lattice related to this of the p phase. Two orientation relationships are found.
2014 Polycrystalline silicon prepared by directional solidification exhibits a very heterogeneous morphology. Consequently the global methods of quantitative image analysis are not applicable. On the contrary, the P(l) function gives access to the size distribution in number F(l) and in weight G(l). For a given stage of the growth, the effect of new grains(More)
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