Gérard Massé

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The impulsivity component of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity requires regulation because its effects interfere with children's school performance and persist into adulthood. The present investigation examined the effects of low to intermediate doses of methylphenidate on impulsivity (measured by the Matching Familiar Figures test, a primary(More)
The existence of a lesion in the nucleus basalis (NbM), in Alzheimer's disease, which has been brought up again by Whitehouse et al. (1981), is not doubted anymore. The lesion is correlated with the disease's cholinergic deficit. The histology of the lesion isn't much described, and its importance not very clear. This study compares ten cases of Alzheimer's(More)
The two current foundations of the French organization of mental health, administratively speaking, are sectorisation and, on the legal side, the law of 30 june 1838. A historical study of the principles which led to the promulgation of these texts, shows that these two foundations are opposed, in fact, by the theories which support them. The law of 1838(More)
A clinico-pathological report is given of a case of dementia of frontal type with EEG changes, associated with a diffuse neuronal loss, subcortical gliosis and laminar spongiosis in the superficial part of the 2nd cortical layer. The authors discuss the cortical biopsy and the post-mortem findings in their case. They draw a comparison between their case an(More)