Gérard Giménez

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As speckle on ultrasonic B-scan may reveal information relative to tissue structure, the present work attempts to discriminate the various prostatic tissues (normal tissue, benign prostatic hypertrophy and cancer) by means of texture analysis. We select regions of interest by their homogeneous appearance. A pre-processing stage is required to obtain(More)
A spatial compounding system has been designed to improve the quality of B-mode echographic images. It consists of constructing an improved image from the combination of several different images of the same cross-sectional plane. The "final" image is constructed by the registration and the superposition of the "original" images. For this, the relative(More)
An algorithm devoted to the segmentation of 3-D ultrasonic data is proposed. The algorithm involves 3-D adaptive clustering based on multiparametric information: the gray-scale intensity of the echographic data, 3-D texture features calculated from the envelope data, and 3-D tissue characterization information calculated from the local frequency spectra of(More)
The present study characterizes the mechanical properties of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) cryogel in order to show its utility for intravascular elastography. PVA cryogel becomes harder with an increasing number of freeze-thaw cycles, and Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio are measured for seven samples. Mechanical tests were performed on cylindrical samples(More)
A technique is described that provides an accurate estimation of the volume of an organ from its ultrasonic cross-sectional images. The technique is applied to two types of ultrasonic investigation, one providing transverse and the other sagittal images. The organ outline has to be traced on each scan. The computer first calculates the area and then the(More)
In this paper, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) images acquired with a 64-element array transducer using a multistatic acquisition scheme are presented. The images are reconstructed from a collection of pulse-echo measurements using a synthetic aperture array imaging technique. The main limitations of IVUS imaging are a poor lateral resolution and elevated(More)
The intravascular ultrasound image of the intraluminal contour depends on the difference between acoustic impedances of the media which create the endoluminal interface. There are several limitations to the visualization and detection of this interface. These limitations are due to artifacts encountered during image formation and to anatomical complexity.(More)
The formalism of the analytic signal and its complex envelope is used to model the interaction between an acoustic wave and a moving target in applications involving the Doppler effect. Specifically, it is shown that modeling by means of analytic signal and related concepts is suitable for the interaction between a probing acoustic wave and the scatters(More)
This work deals with the correlation between high accurate geometric parameters of a free-swimming fish in a tank, obtained by image processing, with the associated 20–140 kHz wideband sonar echo acquired simultaneously. Variations in terms of Target Strength and normalized spectral energy are studied for three species of fish, perch, roach and char,(More)