Gérard Delépine

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BACKGROUND Methotrexate is the most efficient anticancer drug in osteosarcoma. It requires individual exposure monitoring because of the high doses used, its wide interpatient pharmacokinetic variability and the existence of demonstrated relationships between efficacy, toxicity and serum drug concentrations. OBJECTIVE To develop a maximum a posteriori(More)
The authors report three cases of osseous hydatid disease (echinococcosis) in which examination by computed tomography (CT) was found to be helpful in establishing the diagnosis. Recognition of this rare bone infection in orthodox radiographs is notoriously difficult, but is aided by knowledge of the patient having lived in an area in which the disease is(More)
From 1984 to 1988 we implanted 127 massive allografts irradiated with a dose of 25,000 grays. These were reviewed at a minimum follow-up of three years to determine the effect of irradiation on infection, the complications and the functional result. No bacteriological infection was seen in the 44 patients who had allografts for revision of joint(More)
We investigated the possible use of acrylic cement containing chemotherapeutic drugs in the treatment of malignant lesions in bone. The diffusion of methotrexate (MTX) from methylpolymethacrylate implants was studied in vitro: polymerisation of the cement did not destroy the drug; liberation began immediately and about 10% was released by 18 hours. Some(More)
Articulation trochléenne entre la face postérieure de la rotule et la trochlée fémorale, l'articulation fémoro-patellaire (AFP) joue un rôle très important dans la statique et la dynamique du genou. Ce rôle physiologique a entraîné une étude biomécanique avec applications cliniques. La patellectomie est possible sans incapacité majeure. Mais l'importance(More)
Periosteal Ewing's sarcoma is a histologically typical Ewing's sarcoma arising in the periosteum with no involvement of the medullary canal or cancellous bone. We describe four cases in our experience and review the literature, recalling the usual computed tomography diagnostic criteria and the therapeutic consequences. Prognosis of periosteal Ewing's(More)
BACKGROUND The authors surveyed the published clinical trial literature on the subject of localized high grade osteosarcoma in order to develop new hypotheses dealing with drug-dose combinations in the treatment of this disease. METHODS A computerized literature search was conducted to identify all available published reports of the clinical trials using(More)
The authors have had the opportunity to see two cases of CNS side effects of Ifosfamide-Mesna association in children. Data in the medical literature about this subject remains poor. Only a few observations are available. In the referred cases, CNS side effects (lethargy, apathy and mutism) appeared a few hours after the second day of treatment and were(More)