Gérard Burnside

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In this paper we introduce a novel method to perform topic detection in Twitter based on the recent and novel technique of Joint Complexity. Instead of relying on words as most other existing methods which use bag-ofwords or n-gram techniques, Joint Complexity relies on String Complexity which is defined as the cardinality of a set of all distinct factors,(More)
The design and performance of an apparatus for producing accurately known trace concentrations of anaesthetic agents in air is described. The generator was constructed to facilitate the testing and calibration of equipment used in measuring the personal exposure of operating theatre staff to waste anaesthetic gases, and operates on the principle of the(More)
In this paper, we define the general framework to describe the diffusion operators associated to a positive matrix. We define the equations associated to diffusion operators and present some general properties of their state vectors. We show how this can be applied to prove and improve the convergence of a fixed point problem associated to the matrix(More)
Although there is a recognised need for routine monitoring of the exposure of operating theatre staff to waste anaesthetic gases, there is as yet no standard method for carrying out such measurements. We have assessed a commercial version of one proposed sampling system--the evacuated canister--by testing it in the laboratory and also using it to carry out(More)
ABSTRACT This paper describes the first results obtained by implementing a novel approach to rank vertices in a heterogeneous graph, based on the PageRank family of algorithms and applied here to the bipartite graph of papers and authors as a first evaluation of its relevance on real data samples. With this approach to evaluate research activities, the(More)
The Web 2.0 has changed the Internet landscape, users are no longer only consumers but now also producers of content. The increasing number of personal data published on Web Service Providers fathered a new kind of applications: the mashups. These third-party applications access users’ information through service providers’ APIs via secure authorization(More)
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