Gérard Berginc

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An analytical approach of the two-dimensional emissivity of a rough sea surface in the infrared band is presented. The emissivity characterizes the intrinsic radiation of the sea surface. Because the temperature measured by the infrared camera depends on the emissivity, the emissivity is a relevant parameter for retrieving the sea-surface temperature from(More)
The problem of an electromagnetic wave scattered by a slab with two rough boundaries is solved by the small-perturbation method under the Rayleigh hypothesis. To obtain the perturbative development, we use a systematic procedure that involves integral equations called the reduced Rayleigh equations. Then we show for a dielectric slab deposited on a silver(More)
This paper aims at modeling bi-periodic micro-structured silicon surfaces exhibiting broadband antireflection properties in the infrared range using Rigorous Coupled-Wave Analysis (RCWA). These structures of pyramidal shape, which typical dimensions are smaller than the wavelength, are not in the Effective Medium Theory (EMT) validity domain. The influence(More)
We report on the design and exploitation of a real-field laboratory demonstrator combining active polarimetric and multispectral functions. Its building blocks, including a multiwavelength pulsed optical parametric oscillator at the emission side and a hyperspectral imager with polarimetric capability at the reception side, are described. The results(More)
Optical properties of Sn-doped In(2)O(3) (ITO) have been studied in the optical range of 0.4-12 microm. A deposition has been made on BK7 glass, magnesium fluoride, sapphire, and zinc sulfide substrates. The layers have been characterized by their optical properties, DC electrical sheet resistivity, and Hall mobility. Sheet resistivity lies in the range of(More)
In this paper we present new results on the small-slope approximation method. We consider different three-dimensional structures like a randomly rough surface separating two different media and a slab delimited by one or two rough surfaces. We extend the small-slope approximation to the fourth order terms of the perturbative development, and give the(More)
Spectroscopic properties, two-photon absorption (TPA) and excited state absorption (ESA), of two organic cyanine dyes and of a ruthenium based organometallic cyanine are compared in order to rationalize their similar ns-optical power limiting (OPL) efficiency in the telecommunication wavelength range. The TPA contribution to the ns-OPL behavior is higher(More)
We propose two distinctive designs of metamaterials demonstrating filtering functions in the visible and near infrared region. Since the emissivity is related to the absorption of a material, these filters would then offer a high emissivity in the visible and near infrared, and a low one beyond those wavelengths. Usually, such a system find their(More)