Géraldine Taghouti

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At implantation the endometrium undergoes modifications necessary for its physical interactions with the trophoblast as well as the development of the conceptus. We aim to identify endometrial factors and pathways essential for a successful implantation in the caruncular (C) and the intercaruncular (IC) areas in cattle. Using a 13,257-element bovine(More)
Cloning in mammals suffers from high rates of pregnancy losses associated with abnormal placentation, mainly placentomegaly, leading to fetal death. Placental growth is dependent on the regulated expression of many genes of which imprinted genes play a fundamental role. Among them, the Phlda2 gene is expressed from the maternal allele and acts to limit(More)
Nadéra Mansouri-Attia, Julie Aubert, Pierrette Reinaud, Corinne Giraud-Delville, Géraldine Taghouti, Laurent Galio, Robin E. Everts, Séverine Degrelle, Christophe Richard, Isabelle Hue, Xiangzhong Yang, X. Cindy Tian, Harris A. Lewin, Jean-Paul Renard, and Olivier Sandra Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Unité Mixte de Recherche (UMR) 1198(More)
We determined if somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) cloning is associated with WNT-related gene expression in cattle development, and if the expression of genes in the WNT pathway changes during the peri-implantation period. Extra-embryonic and endometrial tissues were collected at gestation days 18 and 34 (d18, d34). WNT5A, FZD4, FZD5, LRP5, CTNNB1,(More)
A major unresolved issue in the cloning of mammals by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) is the mechanism by which the process fails after embryos are transferred to the uterus of recipients before or during the implantation window. We investigated this problem by using RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) to compare the transcriptomes in cattle conceptuses produced(More)
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