Géraldine Martin

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We describe the goals, architecture, and functioning of the trains-93 system, with emphasis on the representational issues involved in putting together a complex language processing and reasoning agent. The system is intended as an experimental prototype of an intelligent, conversationally proocient planning advisor in a dynamic domain of cargo trains and(More)
The intrinsic activity of the potent dopamine (DA) agonist 4-propyl-9-hydroxynaphthoxazine [(+)-PHNO] was examined in receptor binding assays for the following receptors: DA, alpha-1 and alpha-2 adrenergic, serotonin-1 and -2, neuroleptic, beta adrenergic, anxiolytic, adenosine A-1, gamma-aminobutyric acid, muscarinic and opiate. (+)-PHNO exhibited strong(More)
A series of tricyclic oxazines, namely, the 4-substituted 2H-naphth[1,2-b]-1,4-oxazines, have been synthesized and assayed for dopamine agonist activity. One of the members of this series, compound (+)VII-15, was found to be a remarkably potent agonist in vivo when tested in the standard 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned rat assay. The absolute configuration of(More)
We present a field study aimed at analysing the use of viewpoints in co-design meetings. A viewpoint is a representation characterised by a certain combination of constraints. Three types of viewpoints are distinguished: prescribed viewpoint, discipline-specific viewpoint and integrated viewpoint. The contribution of our work consists in characterising the(More)
We present an empirical study aimed at analysing the use of viewpoints in an industrial Concurrent Engineering context. Our focus is on the viewpoints expressed in the argumentative process taking place in evaluation meetings. Our results show that arguments enabling a viewpoint or proposal to be defended are often characterized by the use of constraints.(More)
The changes in core temperature (Tc) evoked by morphine in the Sprague-Dawley rate were altered by restraining the rat. The Tc of the free-moving rat rose after the IP (5, 15, 30, 60 mg/kg) or intracerebral injections (10, 20, 50 micrograms) of morphine. In the restrained rate, however, identical doses of morphine evoked either a hyperthermia of lesser(More)
The putative taurine antagonist 6-aminomethyl-3-methyl-4H-1,2,4-benzothiadiazine-1,1-dioxide (TAG), was examined for activity in blocking contraversive turning evoked by the injection of taurine into the substantia nigra of the rat. Microinjected intranigrally as pretreatment to taurine, TAG caused a 71% reduction in taurine elicited turning. On the other(More)
In Concurrent engineering, design solutions are not only produced by individuals specialized in a given field. Due to the team nature of the design activity, solutions are negotiated. Our objective is to analyse the argumentation processes leading to these negotiated solutions. These processes take place in the meetings which group together specialists with(More)
The impact of improved irrigation and nutrient practices on ground water quality was assessed at the Nebraska Management System Evaluation Area using ground water quality data collected from 16 depths at 31 strategically located multilevel samplers three times annually from 1991 to 1996. The site was sectioned into four 13.4-ha management fields: (i) a(More)