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Lessons from the fish: a multi-species analysis reveals common processes underlying similar species-genetic diversity correlations
Summary Species-genetic diversity correlations (SGDCs) have been investigated over a large spectra of organisms, which has greatly improved our understanding of parallel processes potentiallyExpand
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Patterns and processes of alternative host use in a generalist parasite: insights from a natural host–parasite interaction
Summary Host specificity is a major, yet poorly understood, property of parasites. Generalist parasites generally exploit a principal host species and a series of alternative host species.Expand
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The relative contribution of river network structure and anthropogenic stressors to spatial patterns of genetic diversity in two freshwater fishes: A multiple‐stressors approach
Recent findings highlighted the central role of the structure of the river network in shaping spatial patterns of genetic diversity in riverscapes. However, the influence of multiple anthropogenicExpand
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Variations of fish composition and diversity related to environmental variables in shallow lakes in the Yangtze River basin
Variations in fish communities of shallow lakes in the Yangtze basins were investigated from September 2007 to September 2009. Six lakes were chosen for comparative study of species composition andExpand
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Demographic and genetic collapses in spatially structured populations: insights from a long‐term survey in wild fish metapopulations
Unraveling the relationship between demographic declines and genetic changes over time is of critical importance to predict the persistence of at-risk populations and to propose efficientExpand
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