Géraldine Lavigne

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OBJECTIVE We aimed to study the association among ABO blood group, von Willebrand factor, factor VIII plasma levels, and the risk of venous thrombosis (VT) in a cohort of 1774 relatives from 500 families with inherited thrombophilia. METHODS AND RESULTS One hundred sixty-one of the 1774 relatives had a VT. Different risk groups were formed: no,(More)
We describe six families in which associated high levels of coagulation factors (F) XI, FIX and FVIII (each with a plasma concentration higher than the 95th percentile found in a control group of 500 asymptomatic individuals: respectively, 135, 145 and 155 IU dL-1) were inherited as a dominant autosomic genetic traits. In these six families, this syndrome(More)
The occurrence of alloantibodies against Factor VIII (FVIII) is the main iatrogenic complication in haemophilia A (HA). Anti-FVIII autoantibodies may also spontaneously appear in non-HA patients, leading to acquired haemophilia A. In both contexts, the antibody response against FVIII is complex and difficult to analyse due to the lack of suitable tools. Our(More)
Paradigms abstracted from the literature on hospital treatment of severely disturbed patients with borderline personality disorder are not adequate for extended treatment in state hospital settings. A new paradigm, based on Winnicott's concept of the holding environment, incorporates the development of a therapeutic environment in the hospital with the(More)
Two cases of arteriovenous fistula arising from the internal mammary artery are described. The detection of the continuous subclavian murmur was preceded by therapeutic procedures in both cases; difficult subclavian vein catheterisation in the first; reoperation of sternotomy for postoperative haemorrhage after open heart mitral commissurotomy in the(More)
Electrical dental anesthesia has recently been suggested as an alternative to local anesthetics for the control of pain related to certain dental acts. This article updates the evidence which supports the efficiency, indications and contra-indications of such a procedure. Although this technique has certain advantages, its use is limited by: 1) how(More)